Future MCU Movies speculation

Alright! Today I'll be doing what I think will be happening in the MCU for the next couple of years (Keep in mind, they haven't released anything officially other than Far From Home).

May 1st, 2020 - Black Panther 2

This one will probably be the sequel to Black Panther. Why wouldn't they make a sequel? The movie was a juggernaut - critically acclaimed, box office behemoth, and very cool.

July 31st, 2020 - Guardians Vol. 3

Guardians Vol. 3's future has been pretty shaky. Not sure what'll happen, or who'll direct (Hopefully James Gunn, but probably not), but I still expect it to be released in 2020. It would also probably tease Galactus.

November 6, 2020 - Black Widow

I think that a Black Widow film would come next. It would be 10 years after Scarlet Johansson's first portrayal of the character, and maybe the last. And hopefully it's not a prequel.

February 12,  2021 - Ant-Man and the Wasp 2

Marvel works in trilogies. Recently, they've been doing two s…

Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day! A holiday celebrated only in America (I think). Although, this holiday's ruined by the fact we don't get out of school for it (we even get Boxing Day off. Yeah, it's a part of Christmas Break, but oh well).
America's not even named after Columbus, it's named after Amerigo Vespucci, a cartographer.
So... Columbus didn't make it to India, didn't get the country named after him (or the continent), died at age 41 (on another voyage), got a holiday, but you don't get school off for it. Sucked to be him.

BIG Movie News!

Alright! Today, or some time this week, some HUGE movie news was announced: A surprise Deadpool movie coming out this December.

The Deadpool Before Christmas (Suggested title)

And here's the kicker:

It's PG-13.

That's right. For once, normal non R-rated watching schmucks like me can see a Deadpool movie. The implications are huge:
More box office division (It's facing off against Bumblebee, Holmes and Watson, and Aquaman).

If it succeeds, and that's a big if, maybe a PG-13 Deadpool in the MCU?

Whatever happens, I want tickets.

Who is the best Spider-Man?

Alright! Today I am answering an age old question - What Spider-Man is the best? We all know the answer, though - Not Andrew Garfield.

Question #1: 
Who captures the spirit of Spider-Man the best?

Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man admittedly did not have a lot of wit or funny lines. In fact, when he did say funny things, they felt out of place with his character. But his motivation and portrayal is spot on.

Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man was a jerk. He let Uncle Ben die for a jug of milk? He did not portray the loserness that Peter Parker is. Peter Parker is a loser, and he doesn't get the girl on the first try.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man is actually great. He's not dark and gloomy like Andrew Garfield's, and he's a bit more fun and flashy than Tobey Maguire's. He is a high schooler who fights crime.  His funny lines feel in place. He's nervous when speaking to the girl. He references Star Wars. What's not to like?

Question #2: 
Which has the best movie?


Top 10 Best Guardians of the Galaxy Mixtape songs!


Marvel Characters That Deserve Their Own Movie

Alright! This list only deals with characters not already appearing in films and that currently do not have their own film planned.


Nova is the one of this list that actually plausibly get his own movie. They already introduced the Guardians (But they may actually have died), and the Nova Corps. That's two of the leading factors. Shoot, they could probably reform the Guardians with a new team, with Rocket, Nova, Groot (Who survived anyways), Qasar, and Adam Warlock (Who they teased in Vol. 2).
Nova's tale is actually pretty cinematic. He's Hispanic, he's epic, he's fun, he's a teen (Like Spidey), and he would be fun to watch.

Hurricane Florence

First off, I live in Virginia. Hurricane Florence is currently pummeling us with some pretty heavy winds and rains. I live in a flood zone next to a river.
On the bright side, I got school off today.
On the dark zone, it is now "Insensitive" to play It's the End of the World As We Know It by R.E.M.